h e a l i n g           t h r o u g h           m o v e m e n t

Many people who suffer from chronic pain or are in need of rehabilitation can get lost in a cycle where movement hurts, therefore fear of moving escalates and the pain prohibits the body from moving, therefore one does not get the knowledge one needs to heal.  We believe in the body’s innate ability to heal itself given the proper tools and information. We have the expertise to help break the cycle.

The approach we take to movement  focuses on current research and best practices in exercise science and human performance.  We help our clients understand what is stable and what is mobile improving awareness and proprioception and nurturing the process of healing.  We assess movement patterns and teach our clients proper muscle recruitment patterns thereby teaching your body how to best support itself and make moving a pleasure.  Our teachers have extensive training in Pilates and movement therapies.  We are a group of diverse, holistic, committed professionals and are confident that our skills and expertise can support every person in their pursuit of vitality.

The OOV:  It's not magic, it's neuroscience!

The OOV was developed by Daniel Vladeta, an australian osteopath to help his patients re-educate their bodies.  Alaya is one of the only Pilates teachers in the mid Atlantic to have been chosen to receive the highest level of training on the Oov and actively pursues continuing education as the techniques evolve.  The Oov simply teaches your body how to realign, simply and quickly.  Once you are relaxed pain disappears, performance enhances and you are happily scratching your head about what happened.  The intelligence of your body takes over to release tension, create