Iron and Grace is the best thing to happen to Lynchburg! Working with Alaya has changed my body and my mind...she knows so much about fitness, health and nutrition and is always willing to share her knowledge. From private sessions to quartets to classes, I feel (and look!) better each time I leave the studio. Whether its TRX, reformer work, kettle bells, undulation ropes or barre (my favorite!), Alaya will formulate a regimen that is FUN and works for anyone's lifestyle and schedule. GO TODAY!


Inspiring Happiness

At first I was not interested at all. Learning yet another new type of exercise didn't sound very appealing. It took many months of myfriends insisting that I would love TRX before I finally decided to give in and reluctantly try it. It took one visit. I was hooked! Not only becauseI knew I needed to strengthen my core, but also because it was fun and I loved my instructor Chad immediately. I haven't felt this fit in a very long time and sincerely look forward to my work outs. I almost never notice the time and ALWAYS leave feeling energized and with a huge smile. I couldn't be happier to find Iron and Grace. Thanks guys!!


Moving well and pain free

Seven years ago, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis and I had not been able to find an exercise program that matched my needs. After months of physical therapy for my joints, it was mentioned that I should meet with Alaya and try her Pilates program. One year ago, I do so….and I have been with her twice a week ever since. Her knowledge teamed with her experience has helped me stay on track and build a better inner core and healthy stamina.


Reduced Injuries

I am an avid mountain biker and rock climber who is very injury-prone. It seems i was always pulling or straining muscles! For the past year I have attended weekly kettlebell classes at Iron and Grace in order to build core strength and help me to avoid injury. It has worked! I have felt stronger in my athletic pursuits and have drastically reduced the number of muscle strains and pulls that I normally get in a year. I also like what kettlebell workouts have done for my physique, especially my arms and glutes. Classes at Iron and Grace are never monotonous, and both Chad and Alaya keep the workouts fresh and entertaining. The individual attention and quality instruction that I get in class feels like having a personal trainer.



Recommended by medical professionals

My physical therapist felt that I would benefit from "core-strength" therapy through Pilates sessions offered by Alaya Sexton at Iron & Grace. Based on her recommendation, I made an appointment in July 2012. Since then, I have had private sessions with Alaya either twice a week, or weekly. I have found her to be knowledgeable and helpful, and the sessions to be beneficial for my mobility and general sense of balance.


Age 82


The PowerBarre class strengthens and tones gluteal muscles- that are so important, and largely ignored in this society.  I feel more stable and strong than ever before, and this translates to all that I do. I've seen several cases of improved piriformis syndrome and sciatica from Barre exercises.


Physical Therapist


If you’re interested in transforming your body with efficient, effective fitness sessions, Iron & Grace is what you’re looking for. After two years of inactivity and a shoulder injury, I decided to try something new. Just four classes provided pain free movement and complete range of motion for the first time in years. In my experience, kettlebell and TRX training provide quick results to a stronger, more lean physique. The classes are dynamic and somewhat individualized as clients participate at their level of ability. There is no ego here, just fun, encouragement and success! As a former fitness instructor and personal trainer I’m not easily impressed. The results I’ve achieved at Iron & Grace far surpass programs I’ve utilized previously. I highly recommend Iron & Grace to anyone looking for functional strength and a total fitness transformation.