Most breast cancer survivors are left with the challenge of coping with the long term results of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation often receiving little guidance about their long-term fitness.  A qualified Pilates instructor certified in Pink Ribbon program is needed to successfully and confidently guide them with a safe and effective strength and mobility based fitness program.  Iron & Grace provides client specific fitness programs enabling a continuum of care after surgery, throughout treatment and along the road to recovery.  Not only are we a fully equipped Pilates studio but our staff has decades of experience working with the specific needs and considerations relating to breast cancer recovery.  We have built a library of video clips so we can craft brief home exercises for our clients when they are facing fatigue.

Pink Ribbon Program benefits

-       Increasing range of motion to the effected areas

-       Restoring balanced strength and flexibility to the whole body

-       Educating clients about proper movement and expectations

-       Bringing awareness to the power derived from the core

-       Increasing energy levels, reducing recidivism and
        reducing stress

Our staff has received special certification in the Pink Ribbon Program so that we may nurture and educate our clients.  We are dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle and positive body image to help all breast cancer survivors thrive and live fulfilling lives.  This is a safe and effective Pilates based program


With our unique skill set, experience and tools we can help women understand the enormity of the recovery process of mind, body and spirit and help them heal through the amazing process of regaining mobility strength and themselves.