Why Choose Iron and Grace?

We are a results driven, client-focused studio.  We believe in keeping our classes small enough to know every individual’s name and goals and fashion classes with the intention of helping our students reach their goals. We are not a health club so there are no membership fees, you simply pay for the services that work best for your goals and your budget. We have the expertise to work with clients who have never exercised before or are recovering from an injury ranging to clients looking to enhance athletic performance to excel at their sport.

People are designed to move. Movement is the force that brings us together, transports us from place to place, creates opportunities to compete and gives us the ability to escape while in harm’s way. At Iron & Grace we move. We move to get faster, to get stronger, to stop stress in its tracks. We move to breathe better, to feel better, in hopes of being better and making our LIVES BETTER.

We teach movement. Breath integrated with movement, whether it be in a Pilates class or a kettlebell session, lay the foundation for good health and moving well- and that is where your journey starts.  You’ll find specialists in smart movement and mind body fitness.  Our teachers are the most experienced and credentialed in the area and hold safe and proper form and optimal performance paramount. We offer Pilates, kettlebells, yoga and TRX suspension training privately, (personal fitness training) in small groups or classes. The classes and programming at Iron and Grace are innovative, creative and grounded in evidence based research, best practices and current trends- like our home-grown Power Barre or Biker Barre fitness classes. No matter where your fitness level currently is, we will help you take it to the next level having fun and gaining insight along the way. While you may drop in to classes, progressing your strength begins with moving well; with intention and focus and continuing the practice. We invite you to feel the difference of moving as your body is designed to move.

The Iron & Grace intro package (1 private and 5 classes) is a prerequisite for any student wanting to take classes and will set you up for success.  If you want more focused one on one attention, you can start with a Primer, 4 private lessons. Occasionally we offer wellness workshops, sport specific TRX/ Rip Trainer workshops and skills clinics/movement mastery workshops. 

Visit our beautiful studio located on Old Forest Road and you will find the most effective programming in mind body fitness and the expertise to help you look and feel healthy, find strength, flexibility and vitality.

Our Approach at Iron and Grace