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The pursuit of better

I left the TRX Trainer Summit proud to be part of such an innovative, smart and GENUINELY functional movement centered organization- and really sore. Last year I felt the same- these are my people, they are speaking my language and hold my same beliefs. I felt compelled to share just 3 things that spoke to my heart.  The pursuit of better was ever present.

I believe deep in my soul that we are ALWAYS learning and live my life in that way. I believe in teaching movement and while it is not a sexy motto, I know that when you teach movement properly people get infinitely stronger and don't get hurt. After returning from the TRX TRAINER SUMMIT over the past weekend, not only am I inspired but I have affirmation that we, at Iron & Grace are on the right path. You can invest in any number of new fangled, trendy pieces of equipment but if your teaching skills are not on point it doesn't really matter... which brings me to my first point that is always driven home by Chris Frankel.

I have been to dozens of professional trade shows and they always provide inspiration and new pieces of information AND they always have a tagline. I have never been to a educational conference that so consistently delivered the message of the tagline than this recent TRX Trainer Summit. From the first informal talk the owner of the company, Randy Hetrick gave at our CORE Happy Hour, it was clear that the truly amazing team of fitness professionals representing TRX were there to support the mission of making us better coaches. My first profound experience with exercise and movement outside of a youth filled with sport came through yoga and Pilates. For years while teaching other professionals as an Instructor Trainer for STOTT PILATES, I developed so much appreciation for a system that makes you pause, values the importance of a starting position and holds focus as always present value in movement. We apply these concepts to the TRX, the kettlebell etc.- always have.  I came away from this conference (last time) feeling affirmed that I'm on the same page as the organization as a whole. Recently, I'm energized because  they've figured out how to create curriculum to help trainers better express what it means TO ACTUALLY TEACH MOVEMENT FUNCTIONALLY.   The TRX educational courses' revamping gives participants more systems (and acronyms) to become better coaches. I've had some frustration (and I must admit a little vindication) with the countless amount of people who come into our studio after having taken TRX somewhere else in town but are just learning how to properly plank in our walls. WTF? So what were they doing in the TRX I wonder....?!? I do however, have faith, as the TRX educational courses have been revamped recently to give participants more systems (and acronyms) to become better coaches. While our whole staff is credentialed and trained in both the TRX and Rip Trainer we will ALL be taking the new generation of the courses that we have already taken because there is always more to learn.  I have a lot of respect for the way they have grown.

This conference also symbolically marked a partnership with TRX and Under Armour. They hosted it at their AMAZING World headquarters, gave us great shwag and opened my eyes to its goodness- truly goodness. For this girl who lives in a no TV household and is dumb to pop culture, I didn't really understand Under Armour's message. After listening to the founder/ CEO of Under Armour speak to us and getting some more clarity, I went online to learn more. Maybe you already saw this, 9.4 million people have seen it on youtube but it was fresh to me...

Misty Copeland

Rule yourself

I will what I want- it is so American but really about empowering yourself, taking responsibility for the shape and form of your life. Will trumps fate. You rule yourself. I especially love it as a woman, it speaks to women who do not wait for permission, advice or affirmation from others in order to go after what they want. They are using strong, fierce, atypical women athletes to deliver the message that their will to tune out society’s standards to achieve their dreams is valid and works. It is what I love about the transformative process of helping people get stronger and seeing their whole lives get better. Anyone can rule themselves. I believe it.

More clearly, education and expression and application of that education is the most innovative tool in the fitness industry- maybe any industry. I tapped into this in my first topic but I thought I'd extrapolate the genius of TRX TRAINING as an organization. It started with education and some nylon webbing. Randy Hetrick, a Stanford MBA and former Navy SEAL invented and made the straps, and then with a team of driven, smart fitness pros, they designed the courses for fitness pros. Until recently, the only way to buy them were through their website and affiliate studios. They put the knowledge in the hands of the people on the ground; created their soldiers, so to speak. As I've seen the education system and the support materials broaden in the last couple years, I will admit it tapped into a fear of making the professional obsolete. But au contraire.... The professional market is relatively small. The consumer market is enormous and now that the foundation is laid, pop! into the consumer market with the troops of enthusiastic fitness professionals leading the charge. Today, you could go to an Under Armour brand house (store) and buy one- another stroke of brilliance- and in the very near future, you will be able to buy one in Dick's sporting goods around the country. Of course, those who are buying them are mostly going to go home and disregard the advice to seek a professional TRX Trainer but, in theory, it is beautiful and starts with the idea that WE (TRX Trainers) are a valuable asset to the company.

Some of my favorite TRXisms:
If you are training movement, results will follow
HIIT is built on focused simple strong movements
Meet the standards, then change the conditions- focus, learn, apply then challenge

Sure TRXisms were re-enforced, reminders of the acronyms and the importance of the plank were laid out there in addition to many, many new coaching tools/skills but more than anything else the spirit of my unencumbered 22 your old self who was bound to change the world one healthier sphere of influence at a time was reinvigorated. I was reminded that all the education and my commitment to the value of education is the most solid investment I can make. I now have another fitness family of likeminded individuals all trying to pursue their better and help others bring out their best.



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