There is a place at the barre for all levels. Barre classes are based in ballet conditioning and the work of Lotte Berk but are distinctly given a new twist. Among our barre teachers there are DECADES of experience studying and teaching dance and fitness.  We have developed and refined our barre program since we landed in Lynchburg and it is still evolving.  We are trained and influenced by Tracey Mallett of Booty Barre, Heather Lawson master trainer and co-developer of Total Barre among others. Check out the formats below to determine where you fit at the barre.

Fluid sculpt barre

This flowing class combines elements of Pilates, yoga and work at the barre to give you a complete workout. We use resistance created by a Flexband to mimic some of the repertoire done on the specialized Pilates equipment. Your heart rate will elevate but this class designed to tone and sculpt your whole body. Any student will feel perfectly challenged in this class. 

Power barre

This upbeat class is infused with elements of Pilates, ballet conditioning, functional movements and is a ton of fun! It is high intensity interval training that mixes bold heart thumping moves with form conscious isometric movements.  The only prop used is a 10" barre ball and gravity as this is bodyweight training amplified. It focuses on strengthening all muscles from your ribs down with special attention on your bottom and thighs.  It is indeed HIIT at the barre so expect to sweat and burn lots of calories. This is an intermediate/advanced class and not recommended for those beginning a new exercise program.

Biker barre

The perfect combination of cardio, toning and strength.  Leave this class feeling quite accomplished with the heart pumping, muscle lengthening core focused goodness! We warm up at the barre and get on the Spinning bikes to put our best cardiovascular effort forward. For the perfect ending, we're back at the barre for some dynamic flexibility moves, core and upper body toning.

Dynamic Barre

This cardio class has the grace and precision you'd expect from a Pilates class but you are moving and grooving with ballet inspired, functional and athletic moves.  Various props will be used to add extra special toning.  It is a great way to introduce yourself to the barre.