Alaya Sexton

Alaya is the co-owner and program director of Iron and Grace and a recognized fitness industry leader. Her expertise draws from nearly 20 years of diverse education, training, and experience in fitness and wellness. She studied Viniyoga in 1994, not intending to have it set her on a health and fitness educator path, then became a certified personal trainer and Spinning instructor in 1995 and has since dabbled in most fitness trends over the years. When she discovered Pilates in 1998 it revolutionized her approach to all of her fitness endeavors. She was first certified via the Physical Mind Method and later by STOTT PILATES and is fully certified in all equipment and qualified to teach people who are rehabilitating and have other special needs.  She is one of the first instructors worldwide to have received the esteemed honor of being an Instructor Trainer in the STOTT PILATES method. In that role, she travelled the world teaching certification courses, presenting and working fitness industry tradeshows for 12 years. She believes in the heart of Joe Pilates' work and its ability to bridge the gap between medicine and movement, following that belief, she's sought education in  various brands of Pilates and is pre-trained in Gyrotonic expansion and gyrokinesis. Alaya is engaged and passionate about the study of movement and healing and continues to seek innovative and cutting edge education. Beyond Pilates and yoga, Alaya is trained in TRX, Rip Training, Anatomy Trains, Z health performance solutions, Pink Ribbon Program, Booty Barre, Total Barre, Reiki, FMS and Thai massage.  She is also a USAW certified strength and conditioning coach.
Her breadth of knowledge is applied to assure that all her students reach their goals safely and effectively.

Alaya Sexton instructs the following:
  • Take your TRXing to the max, maximum benefit, maximum safety and maximum effectiveness. This bootcamp styled class will incorporate HIIT (high intensity interval training) Tabata fun, TRX, Rip Trainer, ropes, and bodyweight exercises. All levels are welcome

  • Fluid sculpt barre
  • This flowing class combines elements of Pilates, yoga and work at the barre to give you a complete workout. We use resistance created by a Flexband to mimic some of the repertoire done on the specialized Pilates equipment. A class emphasizing breath and movement set to music feels like Pilates but delivers SO MUCH MORE!

  • OOV Pilates Restore
  • This supportive, yet destabilizing tool brings your body and mind in focus. Your will elongate, strengthen, understand and align your body like nothing else you've ever experienced. Through super slow movement and varied vectors you will unravel tension and finish your day ooving and ahhhing.

  • TRX Pilates
  • Core, core and more core! Use the TRX to develop functional strength and dynamic flexibility. This class adds a new twist to some familiar Pilates exercises and tones and strengthens the whole body using the TRX suspension system

  • HIIT HEART CYCLE express
  • Enjoy 45 minutes of pore cleansing, heart pumping high intensity intervals on the Spinners. Let the music transcend you into a pore cleansing, lactate threshold euphoria. A heart rate monitor is strongly encouraged.

  • Energize Pilates TRX
  • Rise and shine defined. Use the TRX to develop functional strength and dynamic flexibility by adding a new twist to some familiar Pilates exercises. This class has an energizing cardio based start, followed by intense core work and finishing with divine stretches to get your day off to an energizing start.

  • OOV Pilates CORE
  • Use this unique and brilliant device to revolutionize your body. Turn on your core like you never have before. With a focus on axial elongation and spontaneous activation you will find DEEP core strength, better alignment and disappearing body woes. Appropriate for all levels, Pilates experience is not necessary.

  • Intermediate Pilates matwork
  • This is a focused flow-a quintessential Pilates matwork class delivering straightforward repertoire to build a strong center and balanced strength and length. We will integrate classic Pilates props like arc barrels, fitness circles, weighted balls, etc. Previous Pilates experience required

  • Aerial Pilates
  • Taking inspiration from Aerial yoga, this class gives the practice more strength and focus in a decidedly Pilates way. The hammocks offer both support and challenge to elevate your practice while floating and flying. Space is limited, register early.

  • This intermediate class is more athletic than balletic. Expect to jump, sweat, quiver and pant in this high intensity inveral class. Pilates inspired grace and attention to alignment provide the foundation for bold moves intermingled with small focused movements that will lift your bottom, elevate your heart rate and build functional strength.

  • Biker Barre
  • Leave this class feeling quite accomplished with the heart pumping, muscle lengthening core focused goodness! We warm up at the barre and get on the Spinning bikes to put our best cardiovascular effort forward. For the perfect ending, we're back at the barre for some dynamic flexibility moves, core and upper body toning.

  • Pilates Flow
  • This flowing class highlights the FOCUS and BREATHING qualities of Pilates. It is a traditional core-centric Pilates mat class but builds on ALL the foundational principles of concentration, control, centering, focus, precision breathwork and alignment. Matwork works into the powerhouse muscles of the core and builds a flexible spine, and balanced length and strength. Mixed level